Advanced Interview Coaching

Advanced Interview Coaching is dedicated to helping all job-seekers through any and all challenges that can come up in an interview. 

Our Process

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us for your interview coaching or resume writing needs.

In the Job Interview

Interview Coaching

An initial call to discuss your unique situation and answer any questions you may have.

You complete an intake questionnaire to provide us with additional information regarding your interview preparation needs, what areas you feel you need the most work with, and any thing you feel your interview coach should know in order to provide you the best experience possible. This is sent back to us along with your resume and target job postings.

We then take the information you provide and start our research. We take the time to create a comprehensive plan to give you the best, most productive experience possible. This includes carefully crafting mock interview questions that are likely to come up in your particular job interview.

1-hour coaching session! This is where the magic happens! Your interview coach will be well prepared with a detailed agenda for your call so as to maximize the coaching session and provide you with the best valuable possible.

After your interview coaching session, your interview coach will send you an email with key takeaways discussed during your session, the mock interview questions that were used, and additional questions to prepare for. You will also be supplied with extra resources to further help you prepare for your upcoming interview.

Resume Writing

We begin with a call to discuss your unique situation and answer any questions you may have.

Once you decide on the services you need and the pricing is established we provide you with a secure link for your payment.

Shortly after payment is received your project will be scheduled.

We will collaborate on additional content for your resume via a phone call or a simple to fill out questionnaire.

At this point we have all the information we need to work on your resume, however our lines of communication are always open if you want to add anything.

You will be sent a draft to review. Resume writing is a collaborative process and it is very natural for there to be some changes and modifications. Once edits are completed you will be sent a final version for your keeping which you can edit for future positions.

The right resume to get you callbacks

Advanced Interview Coaching
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